Maji Salama, Inc. Leadership

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of Americans and Ugandans by design with a wide range of proven management accomplishments and education. Their diversity of management experiences and cultural backgrounds provides a strong foundation to manage this large undertaking when finished will provide clean water/education program for health centers that support 11 million people and 7 million primary aged school children. 

The Board has overall responsibility for managing activities of this non-profit charity 501(c)(3) organization. All board members serves without compensation.       


 Members of the First Board Meeting 

Name and Short Resume of Board Members (USA)


Henry Foster

Henry Foster of the Henry Foster Trust, a US citizen, co-founder of Maji Salama, Inc. has spent the past three years developing and designing the proposed water purification system,developed  organizational and implementation plans that would be required.Interfaced at all levels of the Uganda Government seeking their support an approval of our plan  Has installed water purification systems serving over 2400 primary aged school children and a health center supporting a population of 140,000. An engineer by education, started and managed three technical service companies, currently majority owner and COB of one of the technical companies, retired aerospace engineer from the Boeing Co. and part owner of a farm operation in Uganda. He has acquired international business experience by managing company activities in various countries of the world.


Gary Runyan

Gary Runyan, US citizen, a Certified Public Accountant who owned and managed an accounting firm for over 35 years, providing services to corporations, companies and individuals. He has served on the Board of Directors of various companies providing business related expertise. He has provided consultation services to various clients on formation of companies, tax issues and management aspects of managing a business.


Eduardo Browne

Eduardo Browne, a US citizen with 35 years of executive level experience of starting and managing companies in broad sectors of technology and agriculture to include implementation, strategic planning, business development, sales, operations, investing and consulting. He is currently Chairman and Management partner of Agilis Partners, a leading frontier agricultural enterprise based in Uganda. He is an Engineer by education.

Name and Short Resume of Board Members (Uganda)


Neust Aheisibwe

Neust Aheisibwe, a Ugandan citizen and co-founder of Maji Salama, Inc.,  devoting the past 3 years in assisting in developing water system implementation plans, coordinating with Uganda Government officials at local and national levels to gain their support, approval and participation in our proposed safe water/educational program. A graduate degree in Finance Management and Accounting, President of Marita Foundation, a Ugandan charity organization providing health related training and other needs of the rural people of Uganda for over 10 years. She has held numerous accounting and financial control positions in private sector companies of Uganda.


James Bakeine

James Bakeine, a Ugandan citizen with a degree in Business Management, founder and Managing Director of Nile Safaris Company for over 20 years. He has held numerous positions in the tourism industry to include; General Secretary of Uganda Tourism Association, Uganda Society, and marketing the Ugandan Tourism Industry. His long history in the tourism industry has provided an insight of the needs of the rural people as he traveled throughout Uganda. His business required him to work with different Ministries of the Ugandan Government to foster the tourism industry which employs many Ugandan people.


Sister Theresa of Avila Basemera

Sister Theresa of Avila Basemera , a Ugandan citizen and member of the Good Samaritan Sisters of Kampala. She has degrees in Business Administration and Human Resource Management, Certificate in Physiotherapy and Counseling. Sister Basemera works for CARITAS Uganda as the Coordinator of all Catholic Church charities in Kampala Diocese of 64 parishes. She had the great honor of hosting Pope Francis in charity housing under her care in 2015 when the Pope visited Uganda.

Sister Theresa of Avila Basemera Visits with the Pope

The picture depicts a photo of Sister Theresa and Pope Francis when he visited Uganda in 2015.