Please give us as much as you can since the need is so great.

One Time Donation to Support the Purified Water/Education Program

  • $100 Provides for 10 children for 20 years.
  • $250 Provides for 25 children  for 20 years.
  • $500 Provides for 50 children  for 20 years.
  • $1000 Provides for 100 children for 20 years.
  • $5000 Provides for 500 children for 20 years.

Monthly Donations to Support the Purified Water/Education Program

  • $10 Provides for 60 children for one year.
  • $20 Provides for 120 children for one year.
  • $30 Provides for 180 children for one year.
  • $40 Provides for 240 children for one year.
  • $50 Provides for 300 children for one year.

Your AMERICAN tax-deductible donations are urgently needed to make our goal of saving thousands of lives in Uganda a reality. We welcome people of all countries to support our life saving mission.       

Please join us  in this most urgent effort to help those that are unable to help themselves due to the conditions where millions of rural people live every day, uneducated about the health benefits of safe water and the lack of available clean water at home, schools and government health centers.        

Please open your heart to this great need, God will bless you as well as the people of Uganda. Your donations will be used to fund installation of the water purification systems at rural schools and health centers in all 127 Districts of Uganda. WE pledge every nickel YOU donate will go directly to support our stated mission.        


Your Donation Helps Eliminate Illnesses and May Save Their Lives

FIVE Ways to Donate


Click on the PayPal button above to designate the amount you wish to donate. You must have a PayPal account. Your money will be transferred to Maji Salama, Inc. Charity account at  UBS  Financial Services USA, an operational  element  of the United Bank of Switzerland USA.      Donate Now. 

Credit Card

 Credit Card - Same as noted above if you allow PayPal to credit your credit card account.     Donate Now.  

Wire Transfer

  To UBS Financial Services USA For the account of Mali Salama Inc. Detail wiring instructions will be provided  by emailing

Check or Certified Money Order

 Check or Certified Money Order -   Send Check or Money Order to:

  • UBS Financial Services 6905 N. Wickham Road
  • Suite 200 Melbourne, FL  32940
  • for the account of Maji Salama, Inc. Charity Account


Your support and contributions will enable us

to meet our mission goals of saving lives in Uganda. The need is great! 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


For every school or health facility to which you contribute enough money to install a purification system or systems, a plaque commemorating your name or organization will be placed on one of school or health center buildings. You will also receive a letter of appreciation from the principal or doctor in charge of the facility. You or your organization name, with your approval, will be displayed on Maji Salama, Inc. web site as a star donor acknowledging the school or health facility your contribution made possible.

For those who donate an amount for less than  a whole purification system, as we collect enough smaller donations to install a purification system, a plaque commemorating the people of the country that provided the funds will be affix to a facility building that will read as example, "Clean Water System/educational program Provided by the People of America" or by other country that donated the money. 


Your donation will be used to purchase and install the purification equipment and support the overhead necessary to manage and control the overall mission  activities. Our policy is to keep overhead cost with in  10% to 15% . As an example,  our Board Members will not receive any compensation for serving. The current selected full time President will not receive any salary from donor funds.      

The Ugandan Government has agreed to develop and implement, with assistance from Maji Salama, Inc., an education  program about the benefits of clean water and will maintain water systems as they are installed at each location at their expense. They also agreed to forego any taxes and fees associated with our in-country charitable  activities. The above commitment shows that the Uganda Government fully supports this program both with their resources and time to help make it a success.

The Henry Foster Trust has funded the installation of  water purification systems for 2,400 school children and 140,000 supported health center and the program administration efforts to-date, August 2019 including the design of the water system and coordinating the benefits of the water system combined with the health educational  program  to  all levels of the Government of Uganda and the  administrative efforts  required by the American and Uganda Governments.  The Henry Foster Trust will continue to provide funding within Trust resources. 


Again, we urge you to help us save lives and be a part of improving the life expectancy of the total Ugandan  population.   

We believe when the generational lifesaving benefits of our water program in Uganda become known, other charity organizations and nations of Africa will follow our lead. Your dollars spent in Uganda may inspire other African Nations and Charities to implement similar water purification/health related educational programs to save lives.

Donation funds administration

Every Dollar Donated will be Deposited in the UBS Financial Services USA, Maji Salama, Inc. Account

The bank is only authorized to dispense funds as authorized by the President or Vice President and an authorized representative of a CPA firm selected by the Board of Directors. The CPA will be responsible for an independent review of each expenditure to ensure it is being provided for installation of water purification equipment and systems and related overhead support.       

The Board of Directors will hire another independent CPA firm to perform a yearly audit of Maji Salama, Inc. expenditures to ensure the funds spent meet all requirements of the US approved 501(c)(3) charity accounting principles. Each donor will be given electronic access to the year end audit and its findings.  

Overhead expenses are kept to the minimum as Board of Directors and current  appointed President are non-salaried positions.  Board meeting travel expenses are charged as  direct expenditures.   

Donors will receive quarterly progress reports of donations and  have access to the company through email at at any time. 

Donors are provided a receipt of their donations that meet 501(c)(3) tax deductible requirements.

Other Board Member Policies Affecting Donors:

  • Independent voting by Board Members on all policy issues.     
  • No donor funds will be used for any loans for any reason.       
  • Donors will be provided a copy of IRS Form 990 by electronic means each year.       
  • All Board of Director meeting minutes will be recorded.       
  • Board will document conflict of interest, donor and whistle-blower policies. 
  • All administrative salaries are provided as approved by the President.       
  • Board members and key staff members will be listed on Maji Salama, Inc. website.       

All issues noted above will be documented in the company’s by-laws and published policy statements