Welcome to Maji salama, Inc.

Maji Salama, Inc. is a 501c3 Charity Organization focusing on one of mankind’s oldest health problems: the consumption and use of bad water, hygiene and sanitation practices. 

Our current focus is in Uganda, where the average life expectancy is only 52 years. The plan we are implementing over time will greatly improve the life expectancy of all Ugandans.

Henry and his Maji Salama organization is dedicated to helping 8 million children, like princess, grow up to be a healthy and productive member of Ugandan society with the health lessons learned from our efforts of providing purified water and related water, hygiene and sanitation education. These health lessons learned will be carried on to their families to produce a more healthy Ugandan society for future generations. 

The success of our mission depends greatly on your help. I encourage you to review our website subjects above where we provide complete details of our plan, including how we assure that every dollar that you donate is used for the intended purposes that you provided the donation. 


Henry Foster, the founder and president of Maji Salama, and Little Princess