President: Henry Foster as the President is responsible to the Board of Directors to execute the mission within  the polices of the board and Laws of US and Uganda. (Please refer to the Maji Salama, Inc. Board of Directors for profile.)  

Vice President: Neust Aheisibwe as the Vice president reports directly  to the President as the senior manager for in- country operations including interfacing with  local and national  government officials. (Please refer to the Maji Salama, Inc. Board of Directors for profile.)  

Technical Operations Manager:  Henry Foster acting: This senior manager has not been selected.  For technical issues he will report to the president and for in- country administration will report to the Vice President. The Operation Manager is responsible for all field installations.  

Ethics Officer: Eduardo Browne as the Ethics Officer is responsible to oversee all aspects of Maji Salama, Inc. Ethics interrelations with donors, customers and Government polices and laws. (Please refer to the Maji Salama, Inc. Board of Directors for profile.)  

Treasurer/Accountant: Gary Runyan as the Treasurer/Accountant

is responsible to oversee that our banking and accounting systems meets all of the requirements of law and donor funds and reporting. (Please refer to the Maji Salama, Inc. Board of Directors for profile.)  

Secretary: Debbie Phenicie serves as Maji Salama, Inc. corporate  Secretary under the laws of Florida.  (30 Years of corporate business management administrative responsibilities and authority.) 

Training/Maintenance: Yahn Gray acting: will serve as the overall training supervisor for training of the  installation and maintenance technicians.  (10 Years of assisting in the development and installation of the proposed water purification system.

Water System Engineer: Yahn Gray serves as  Technical  Water purification  System  Expert studying ways to improve our technology and installation procedures. (10 Years in building, installation and maintenance of emergency water purification systems in numerous parts of the world.)  

Consultant: Joe Hurston, President of AIR Mobility Ministries.  Maji Salama, Inc. will call  on Joe for his vast knowledge of water purification technologies and his installation field experience.  (Deploying emergency purification water systems throughout the world for the past 20 years.)

Trained Technician Team: Maji Salama, Inc. has a trained team of  6 technicians that will enable us to expand relatively quickly. At first they will go out as a team to install the water systems. As we grow they will become the  trainers of other installation and maintenance teams. New employees or subcontractors will come from the Ugandan work force, mainly from the district where we are installing the water systems.


Board of Directors performs dual responsibilities.