Maji Salama's mission

Save Lives and Extend Life Expectancy of the People of Uganda

 Our mission focuses on one of mankind’s oldest and most pervasive problems,  unnecessary deaths caused by consuming and using non-purified  water, bad hygiene and sanitation practices.  These are major causes of illness and death in Uganda, a country where the life expectancy is only 52 years . Maji Salama , Inc  is in the process of providing the capability for 99.999% bacteria/virus-free drinking water to 8.0 million school children and 11 million Ugandans  who are served by rural Government health centers that lack access to sanitary water where babies are born and in mother's recovery rooms. Concurrently, we are educating  school children, health patients including young mothers and others how to purify water at home and good hygiene and sanitation practices as well as the necessity of using it as a part of our overall water/health mission. Our mission, when completed in 8 years, will provide the basis  to  increase the life expectancy of all people of Uganda now and for future generations.     Please join us in this life saving effort.

 Your tax-deductible donations are urgently needed to make our goal of saving thousands of lives in Uganda a reality.    

Women Obtaining Unpurified Water for Their Homes

Women Obtaining Unpurified Water for Their Homes

uganda needs our help!


Uganda and its People

Uganda is a relatively small country subdivided into 127 political government districts with a  population of 42M and expected to double in the next 20 to 30 years. Uganda is located in the central eastern part of Africa along the equator.  Uganda is one of the world’s poorest countries, dominated by past devastating economic conditions and political instability and corruption. Approximately 51% of the population live below the international poverty line of US $1.25 to $1.75 per day. Ugandan children contribute to more than half of the country’s population and a great number of them are vulnerable to the country’s lack of education, unsanitary living conditions and, in most cases, no water resources or clean water available in rural areas. Use of dirty water, bad hygiene and sanitation practices contributes to many children becoming infected by viral maladies, cholera and other water born diseases resulting in death at an early age. Unsafe water kills – it starts with the new born and continues at a high percentage for young primary school aged children. Ugandan life expectancy is only 52 years where in the developed world it is 80 plus years. 

Ugandans needs a helping hand, not a hand out. They have made great progress in the past 30 years, but they simply do not have the resources to do what is necessary to save lives now. Lives are being lost  needlessly. With your help we can  reduce the death rate in Uganda. 

School child drinking our purified water

Importance of Clean Water and Education - A Matter of Life and Death

 Anyone who has travelled in Africa cannot help seeing and understanding why health problems persist in most African countries. It is the lack of access to clean water and little or no understanding how to eliminate water borne bacteria and viruses that kill while practicing bad hygiene and sanitation. The ones who are most susceptible to this are the young.  That is why we are focusing our effort on the young children and young mothers.

These conditions are not new. Since the dawn of mankind lack of sanitary water and lack of knowledge of how to purify water have caused the death of  hundreds of millions. Unfortunately these conditions, even today, persist across Uganda and many other parts of the world. 

What is so very sad is that each and every illness and death is totally unnecessary and is totally preventable. History of health practices has shown that where people have ready access to sanitary water and knowledge of how to prevent water-related illness and death, the illness and death are practically obliterated. For decades Uganda, with assistance from organizations worldwide, has progressed in its fight against illness and death. Now, it is essential that people like you and me  join in the fight and act aggressively to help Uganda once and for all resolve these problems - IN FACT, IT IS A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH

Educating the people on our water system.

We Need Your Help for Mission Success

Our program focuses on installing purification systems in 1,107 rural health centers that currently lack access to clean water. Your donation will provide clean drinking water in operating rooms where babies are delivered and clean drinking water for mothers and babies in recovery rooms. Our next focus is water purification systems for 12,433 rural primary schools that currently lack access to sanitary water. Your donation will help provide clean water for 8 million students and teachers and 11 million health centers population .

 Ugandan Ministries of Local Governments, Health and Education working in partnership with Maji Salama, Inc. (documented in our Memorandum of Understanding)  provide continuous educational programs in the classrooms and government rural health centers about the health benefits one receives by drinking and using purified water and hygiene and sanitation practices. Part of the teaching program explains the many ways water can be purified at home for family use. It has been proven if you teach the young, they help teach their parents and when they have a family they will practice the benefits of healthy water in their homes.   One can see our MISSION  focuses on those core areas that will provide immediate and generational benefits for extending life expectancy of all Ugandan people from the very young to the old. Donate today!